Combivox AmicaWeb Plus Plug & Play moodul

AmicaWeb Plus Plug & Play module

Plug & play network interface for the connection of Amica (324, 128, 64) and Wilma control panels to the LAN network.
Integrated web-server that permits the connection to the control panel by any device with web browser (PC, Smartphone, etc.), both locally through LAN or Wlan network and remotely via DSL. It also allows to download the pages to manage the control panel and to carry out all user functions (arming, zone status check, command activation, event log, IP camera visualization, etc.) and to carry out the technical programming without additional softwares.
Graphic interface with the icons of Simplya keypad for a simple use of the device.

Exclusive function of direct visualization of up to 16 IP cameras on webserver through programmable Jpg/MJpg connection string. Integrated management of IP dynamic address.

Power supply 12 Vcc (11 – 14 Vcc)
Consumption max 80 mA
Electrical connections

– LAN  connector

– USB connector

Keypad address (default) 6

Combivox AmicaWeb Plus Plug & Play moodul

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