Combivox Simplya klaviatuur

Combivox Simplya keypad

The new SIMPLYA is a 5” touch screen keypad on RS-485 BUS, with an elegant design and adapt to be used in any environment. The efficiency of the touch screen display and a graphic interface with incons allow a simple and fast system management of the Antitheft and Home Automation functions for the user.

Simply by touching the icons (i.e. anti-theft, lights, commands, macros, etc.) and surfing in the web pages, you can rapidly activate the functions (arm/disarm single areas of the system, bypass/unbypass the zones, activate/deactivate commands as lights/rolling shutters and macros, etc.).

The device is very simple to use thanks to specific “MACROS” (freely configurable), that are multiple commands able to manage more functions at the same time (for example to arm the system and turn the lights on, to close the rolling shutters and open the gate, etc.).

SIMPLYA is equipped with a proximity reader that permits to arm/disarm the system areas through key. It is also endowed with Voice-it, SD Card reader and embedded microphone and loudspeaker.

The climate management is possible thanks to one or more temperature sensors on RS-485 BUS that permit to thermoregulate one or more environments (only with Amica control panels).

NEW: the innovative Simplya keypad is compatible with all Combivox control panels.

Power supply 12 Vcc
Consumption 150 mA (stand-by – display off)
200 mA (display on)
300 mA max in operating mode with audio

Display a colori

– type:
– sizes:
– format:


LCD TFT (active matrix)

800 x 480 pixels

Electrical connections through multicore cable:
– 12 V and GND (power supply)
– A and B  RS-485 BUS
– Alarm zone input (BAL)
– Loudspeaker (SPK) and microphone (MIC)
Sizes (L x H x W) 135 x 90 x 15 mm

Combivox Simplya klaviatuur

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