Kaardilugeja/reader MATRIX II NET

MATRIX II NET kaardilugeja(125 kHz) RS-485 interface-ga, HID ProxCard II, EM

Marine. -30 to 40 °C. Loeb kaarte kuni 6-14cm kauguselt. Värv:valge/must


Network controller Matrix II Net

Matrix II Net network controller is designed for using in the online and offline access control systems. It's designed for managemanet of the electromagnetic and electromechanical locks, turnstiles (2 x Matrix II Net controllers required). The controller provides power control functionality. Matrix II Net controller is easy to install and maintain.

There is a possibility to connect Matrix II Net controller to the PC via USB or Ethernet/Internet network using Z-397 Guard USB/RS-485 (Z-397 Guard USB/RS-485/RS-422) or Z-397 Web converters respectively. This makes it possible to build a complete network access control system with a time tracking, event control and report building based on the software solutions.

Matrix II Net controller allows you to connect 2 readers, reader and exit button, electromagnetic or electromechanical lock, external buzzer, external LED, door opening sensor.

  • Purpose - Lock, Power Control
  • Controller type - Network
  • Connection types - RS-485
  • RS-485 lines count - 1
  • RS-485 connection speed - 19200 Kbps, 57600 Kbps
  • RS-485 maximum line length (m) - 1200
  • Keys count - 2024
  • Types of recordable keys - Normal, Master, Blocking
  • Events count - 2048
  • Key types - RFID (Proximity)
  • External readers protocol - iButton (1-Wire)
  • Operating modes (basic) - Normal, Blocking, Free, Wait
  • Operating modes (advanced) - Accept, Trigger, Power Pocket
  • Access point types - Door, Turnstile
  • Actuator types - Electromagnetic, Electromechanical, Turnstile
  • Built-in reader - Yes
  • Built-in reader operating frequency - 125 KHz
  • Built-in reader standard - EM Marine
  • Built-in reader reading range (cm) - 6–8

Kaardilugeja/reader MATRIX II NET



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