NVX80 Digitaalne kahesüsteemne mikrolaine/infrapuna andur välitingimustesse

Paradox NVX80 Digitaalne kahesüsteemne mikrolaine/infrapuna andur välitingimustesse,

Antimask, loomakindel kuni 20kg, vihmakatte, kinnitusjalg 17 x 15m 90°, -25

to 50 °C. GRADE 3, Class IV


Paradox NVX80
High End Motion Detector with Anti-Mask and SeeTrue Technology for Indoor / Outdoor Use

  • Paradox SeeTrue™ technology significantly improves detection response for both IR and microwave (MW) sensor technologies greatly decreasing false alarms
  • Paradox Active IR anti-mask recognizes the degradation of lens clarity and objects blocking the main lens within 30 cm of the detector
  • 8 detection channels:
  • - 2x Quad PIR for short and long range detection (4 channels)
    - 1x Independent Quad PIR for Creep Zone Detection (2channels)
    - 1x 2-Output MW antenna (2 channels)
  • MW Anti-mask allows for detection of close proximity movements (0.75 m - 2 m / 2.4 ft - 6.5 ft) - this close proximity range is adjustable
  • Paradox's proven Pet Immunity active for false alarm rejection in the short and medium detection ranges (note: Creep Zone detection neutralized)
  • 3rd generation Paradox digital detection technology delivering improved detection and false alarm rejection
  • 15 m x 15 m / 50 ft x 50 ft coverage
  • 3 m x 3 m / 10 ft x 10 ft Creep Zone protection
  • Easy Slide installation
  • Color OLED display featuring menu-driven, intuitive screens
  • Comprehensive diagnostics: individual testing for PIR, MW and anti-mask technologies
  • SoloTestTM for easy walk test execution
  • Three configurable relay outputs - these outputs are also reported by the Digiplex EVO bus
  • Sleek, vandal-resistant design and tough construction

NVX80 Digitaalne kahesüsteemne mikrolaine/infrapuna andur välitingimustesse

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