Paradox Läbipääsu moodul ACM12 ver. 4.5

Paradox Läbipääsu moodul ACM12 ver. 4.5

ACM12 ver. 4.5 Läbipääsu moodul (1 uksele, kahepoolne paradox lugejatega

R910/R915); Juurdepääs kaardiga või koodiga(R915); Valvestamine, valvest

maha võtmine kaardiga või koodiga;Monitooritav 1.5A toitemoodul;Toetab 4-

juhtmelisi 26-bit Wiegand kaardilugejaid; 16 Vac, 20/40 VA


Paradox 4-Wire Access Control Module

ACM12 ver. 4.5


  • Full Off-Line functionality
  • Fast x10 access processing of up to 999 users
  • Transformer Sharing: Use one transformer to power multiple modules that have this feature
  • Grant access via card and/or panel access code with the R915
  • Arm with card and pin with the R915
  • Connections for 1 door (card reader, REX, door contact and lock output)
  • Connect only 4 wires between the reader and ACM12 module when using a R910 or a R915 reader
  • In-field firmware upgradeable via CONV4USB and WinLoad
  • Automatic unlocking schedule
  • Door Left Open and Door Forced Open options
  • Door unlock and extended delay timers
  • Unlock door manually with button or PGM event
  • Unlock Door On Fire Alarm option
  • Built-in supervised 1.5A switching power supply
  • Push button to activate or deactivate the Auxiliary output
  • Supports 4-wire and 26-bit Wiegand card readers

Paradox Läbipääsu moodul ACM12 ver. 4.5

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