RF Elements Passive PoE - set POESETv2



Passive PoE™ Set enables to merge the power supply and data to one ethernet cable, supply them to the devices and split back to data and power. 

Passive Poe™ SET contains two pieces: INJECTOR and SPLITTER. It is suitable for using with products that basically do not support Power Over Ethernet. Passive Poe™ SET is applicable for wide range of networking products such as Access Points, Routers, IP cameras, modems, switches, embedded computers or other network devices. 

Passive PoE™ Injector is the injecting part of Passive PoE™ Set. 

It is suitable for connecting the devices which actively support Passive PoE™ such as Wiligear, LigoWave, Mikrotik RouterBoards, ALIX, etc. 

Devices can be supplied with power up to 50V (the power adapter is not included). Passive PoE`s range is normally from 30-40 metres/100-130 ft - the real distance depends on the power supply, quality of cable and type of powered device.


RF Elements Passive PoE - set POESETv2



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