Rosslare Read-Only Proximity Tags

AT-ERK-26A-7RB0 / AT-ERK-26A-7TBO 125 KHz Read-Only Proximity Tags


Rosslare’s proximity credential tags are highly compact and sleek in their design. The new tags are available for use with 125 kHz RFID reader technologies, and are available with optional printed id. Having no power of their own, they can be read by card readers when they penetrate the electromagnetic field produced in the proximity of the reader. The range depends on the antenna and field generated by the reader, so the tags will have different read-ranges with various readers.


  • Highly Reliable, Interference free – users carrying the tag will feel no interference when passing other electromagnetic objects
  • Strong, Flexible and Vandal resistant – sturdy and robust, the tags can even get wet and continue to function
  • Read-Only – printed number on the face of the tag matches contactless reading by readers
  • Pocket Size – enables users to comfortably carry it around with them
  • Security – is known for its infinite number of reads
  • Easily Identifiable –when the external tag number is provided to the system administration


  • Printed Wiegand format ID and site code
  • Printed Wiegand and Clock & Data

Rosslare Read-Only Proximity Tags


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