Timoteo Wind XT-W - kolmik tehnoloogial põhinev "kardin" liikumisandur

Combivox Timoteo Wind XT-W - Triple technology outdoor curtain detector

Combivox 868 MHz two-way curtain detector with Triple Technology (2PIR + MW). Ideal for outdoor perimeter protection of windows, dormers, skylights and wall facades with more openings, thanks to the detection range that reaches up to 12 m.

The TRIPLE TECHNOLOGY detection (2PIR and MW), with a continuous process and crossing of the signals received by the two PIR and microwave channels, guarantees a high immunity to false alarms. The MW anti-masking circuit, which detects the approach of an obstacle by sending specific signallings to the control panel, makes it extremely secure against sabotage. The detector is endowed with MEMS accelerometer against any attempt of burglary or detachment from its housing, ensuring an easy installing and eliminating the classical problems of mechanical switches due to imperfections of the surfaces and weather conditions.

It is equipped with accessory bracket, including a double bottom support that guarantees its use in case of rain.

Through specific adjustments, the detector is able to operate also in presence of small animals (PET IMMUNE).

Power supply Lithium battery 3.6 V 1900 mAh 
Stand-by consumption 35 µA

Consumption during transmission

34 mA max

Sleeping time

3 minutes in absence of motion
Max detection range 12 m x 2,7 m angle (13°)
Low battery V V< 2,85 V
Microwave frequency 24,125 GHz
Power (EIRP) 13 dBm
Radiation lobe (@3dB) 32° horizontal view / 80° vertical view
Microwave sensitivity adjustable through trimmer from 3 to 12 m
Sensitive elements 2 PIRs with temperature compensation circuit

Fresnel lens with 2 upper beams and 10 lower beams with 13° horizontal angle

PIR sensitivity

between 3 and 12 m: adjustable through DIP and board position

Radio frequency 3 channels on 868 MHz band
Modulation FSK
TX max power (EIRP) 10 dBm
RF sensitivity -112 dBm
Radio coverage 100 m (free field)
Sizes (L x H x W) 65 x 148 x 43 mm

Timoteo Wind XT-W - kolmik tehnoloogial põhinev "kardin" liikumisandur

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