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Infrapunane PIR andur

Infrared motion PIR


The Air2-XIR200W and Air2-XDT200W are the INIM’s XLine series wireless volumetric motion detectors, and are especially suitable for professional indoor applications.

Air2-XIR200W is a passive infrared detector (PIR). Its technology is based on digital signal analysis, a dual pyroelectric element capable of detecting infrared radiation and an innovative signal filter. It provides precision motion sensing in the protected area and, thanks to the programmable pulse count feature, high false alarm immunity. The temperature compensation feature allows the detector to adapt to the conditions of its environment, while the shock and tilt sensor protect it against tamper attempts.

The XLine series wireless detectors can be used in a vast range of residential and commercial applications, providing solutions for every type of installation.

Infrapunane PIR andur

SKU: 23630201-EX-FW2-NEO-PIR
39,30 €Price
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