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Juhtmevaba ukse/akna magnet EX-FW2-MAG

This is  an  advanced  magnetic  contact sensor with integrated RF transceiver designed to be a fully supervised low-current device.

A built-in reed switch and/or an external wired input may be applied in this device.

To maximize security, an 8.2k end-of-line resistor is monitored on the external wired input.

  • Internal Reed Switch
  • External Terminal Block for wired connection
  • AND/OR Mode available
  • Coverage 150m in open space
  • Powered by 1 lithium battery CR123
  • Battery life more than 4 years
  • Configurable over-the-air by the Base Station
  • Tamper Switch: Front cover and back tamper
  • Multicolor LED indications



Internal reed switch or External magnet device

Detection Method


Modulation Type

868-869MHz / 916-917MHZ

Frequency Band

Unique ID serial number – 24 bit


Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Battery

Event Transmission

Up to 15m with 8.2Kohm EOL resistor

External Input

LED confirm each transmission

LED Indications

500 m

Range in open space

Front cover removal & Back tamper

Tamper Switch

7 min by default (programmable between 1 to 30 min)


Standby ~3 A

Receive mode ~29 mA

Transmit mode ~38 mA

Current Consumptions


Transmit power

1 x CR123 Battery

Power Supply

Up to 5 years

Battery Life

-10°C to +55°C

Operating temperature

97mm x 22mm x 21mm


40 gr

Weight (inc. battery)







Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II

Juhtmevaba ukse/akna magnet EX-FW2-MAG

31,00 €Price
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